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Our Time to Adore: Amanda & Kosi's Breathtaking Wedding Wedding Digest NaijaHappy Saturday Guys. . we are so excited to share the beautiful images from Amanda & Kosi's wedding story. ralph lauren romance for women Amanda & Kosi are such a beautiful couple and we're seriously loving their style. Amanda and the ladies are all so gorgeous and we're loving their dresses and of course, Kosi and the guys are totally dapper!

Capturing all the fun and the lovely details of their big day is Sottu PhotographyLet's check out all the beautiful pictures and their like story. . Enjoy! ! How We Met AmandaWe met at the ICSN iri ji festival party 2015, which is a new yam festival that Igbo's celebrate towards the end of the year. This one was a little different; the turn out was supposed to be with a lot of young ladies and gents rather than the usual family party. However I still did not want to go but I ended up going and got there sooo late, literally 30mins before it was due to end. So I left my heels in the boot and walked into the hall in sandals, which is a no no for me because I'm a short girl. When I got there the MC announced that the party was going to go on for a further 2 hours ralph lauren t shirt , which was good. I remember standing at the back of the hall and there were so many young guys but one guy in particular came from nowhere and exchanged a few words with me ralph lauren vest . In fact he did not believe that I was Nigerian and he was like 'what is a Caribbean girl doing at a function like this? ' I was like 'what? , I'm Nigerian actually! ' lol so then we found out about where in Nigeria we were both from and etc. We didn't really talk again till later that evening. Personally I just thought he was being friendly, so I didn't read into it.

Then during the dance section he came over to dance with me and I was ridiculously shy, we danced to bumpa to bumpa. Yeah, awkward lol! Then later that evening he took my number, but best believe I saw him take another ladies number that day, in fact straight after taking mine, (lol I still tease him till this day about this. ) But yeah the rest was history, we spoke on the phone and found out we had so many things in common, I've never connected with a person so quickly before. We have this connection that till this day I cannot explain. Life has never felt so right, I'm truly his missing rib! The ProposalIt was our 3 years anniversary and we decided to reincarnate our first date. So we went bowling and went for dinner at my favourite restaurant Chiquito. Whilst we were at the restaurant Kosi said a few nice things to me, which I didn't really read into because he always says things like this every now then. I did notice that he didn't seem himself but I ignored it.

So we were waiting for our meal and the music stopped which Kosi noticed and I was like 'ok what's the big deal about the music stopping? '. Then I noticed that three waitresses came out to give me my meal, I found this so strange and I was thinking it really doesn't require three people to bring out two plates of food. So they gave me my food and stepped back, lauren by ralph lauren looking at me and smiling. Before I knew it three people became the whole Chiquito staff, then I realized everyone in the restaurant was looking at me. I nervously looked around to see where Kosi was and lo and behold he was on one bended knee in front of me.
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